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Challenge 169

Themes for this challenge are:

Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
Jensen Ackles
Thandie Newton
stock: sunrises and sunsets
Smallville [as suggested by americangrl69]

Deadline is Tuesday, May 28, 8 PM GMT.


Rules and info:

  • You can enter up to 5 icons.

  • You can icon as many themes as you want (all icons with the same theme, one icon per theme, or anything in between).

  • You can only use the pictures provided.

  • You can reuse pictures if you want to, but don't submit alternate versions of the same icon, for example text/textless or color/black&white.

  • Text, textures, brushes and all other effects are allowed. Animation and blending (within the same theme!) are allowed too, as long as you use only the pictures provided.

  • All icons must be 100x100 px or less, and 40 KB or less.

  • No premade icons. All icons must be made for this challenge and can't posted anywhere else before the winners are announced.

  • Not a rule, just a suggestion: For better quality save your icons as .png rather than .jpg.

  • Submit your icon(s) as a comment to this post. Comments are screened.

  • You can change your entry or add more icons (up to 5) until the deadline. Just edit your comment, or post a new comment and delete the old one.

  • Submit your icon(s) as both the image and the URL. If you're unfamiliar with html you can copy this code, and replace URL with the direct link to your icon:

  • By entering this challenge you decide which themes will continue for the next challenge(s). 2 themes that get the most entries will appear again in the next challenge, with different pictures every time. The other 3 themes will be replaced by new themes I choose. (Feel free to suggest new themes here.)

  • It doesn't matter for a theme whether its icons win/place or not, it only matters how many entries there were.

  • I don't enter, so there's no bias. Before the voting is posted no participant knows how many icons for a theme have already been submitted.

  • If there is a theme you want to continue, and you know people who like that theme too, you are allowed (and encouraged) to let them know about the challenge and ask them to enter. The more entries the merrier! :)

  • Using a "sock puppet" account to make a theme win - or for any other reason - is not allowed. Asking other people to help your icons win is obviously not allowed either.

  • Let me know if anything is wrong or unclear, or if you have any questions or comments. :)

Click the thumbnails for full-size images!
Theme titles above the pictures are wiki links. Of course in some cases it's obvious who/what the subject is, but they will still be there.

Since photobucket has been wonky recently, HERE is also the direct link to the gallery.

Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
(images from:

 photo LotR_Fellowship_of_the_Ring_00413_zpsb5716ad9.jpg  photo LotR_Fellowship_of_the_Ring_01029_zps35d0d8b6.jpg  photo LotR_Fellowship_of_the_Ring_00127_zps07228754.jpg  photo LotR_Fellowship_of_the_Ring_00463_zps17f51535.jpg  photo LotR_Fellowship_of_the_Ring_00439_zpsf6eab54f.jpg

Jensen Ackles
(images from:

 photo 7_zpsb2cc0c49.jpg  photo photoshoot19_28429_zps37bcad30.jpg  photo photoshoot22_28229_zps92dc2af8.png  photo 18782_4_122_505lo_zps34dc290c.jpg  photo ackles25_zps7d8fa25c.jpg

Thandie Newton
(images from: goodsearch)

 photo Thandie_Newton_Photoshoot_0111_05_zpsc06005c5.jpg  photo Thandie_Newton_Photoshoot_0111_01_zps9567ff6e.jpg  photo Thandie_Newton-photoshoot_0111_02_zpsf0247da6.jpg  photo 2012_winter_thandie3_zps6169fa9e.jpg  photo 10_zps86ae61e5.jpg

stock: sunrises and sunsets
(images from: gettyimages)

 photo 73554812_zps42f84454.jpg  photo 133375683_zps786f9277.jpg  photo 102121293_zps1c268a92.jpg  photo 76194938_zpsc26b5324.jpg  photo 168649945_zps84b898be.jpg

(images from:

 photo 805Smallville0104_zps428b6231.jpg  photo 817Smallville1426_zps404c8def.jpg  photo 801Smallville0017_zps992882f9.jpg  photo 918Smallville0082_zps77472b08.jpg  photo 505Smallville0593_zps3bf848e3.jpg

Tags: !challenge, challenge 169, theme: (celeb) jensen ackles, theme: (celeb) thandie newton, theme: (movie) lord of the rings: fotr, theme: (stock) sunrises and sunsets, theme: (tv) smallville
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