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you_choose_ic - an icontest
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24th-Apr-2013 10:18 pm - Tie-breaker for the "winning" theme
Right now there is 1 theme that is clearly winning, and then there are 3 themes with the same number of entries. I don't want to keep either only 1 theme or all 4, so I need you to vote for your favorite one. :)

Challenge 166 is closed now. This poll will close and new challenge will be posted tomorrow morning (in about 10 hours).

This poll is closed.

Which theme would you like to continue?

Angie Harmon
Saoirse Ronan
The Artist
23rd-Apr-2013 11:16 pm - A short extension
There are only 7 icons for challenge 166, so I'm extending it until tomorrow, April 24, 8 pm GMT. I'm going to post voting tomorrow either way, but if there are fewer than 10 icons it won't have any extra categories (only top 3 places), so I'd love to see at least 3 more icons. :)
16th-Apr-2013 10:27 pm - Challenge 166
Themes for this challenge are:

Angie Harmon
Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
Lisa Lopes
Saoirse Ronan
The Artist [as suggested by inthegiggleloop]

Deadline is Tuesday, April 23, 8 PM GMT.

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9th-Apr-2013 10:32 pm - Challenge 165
Themes for this challenge are:

Jennifer Beals
Angie Harmon
Zoë Kravitz
Connie Britton
Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring [as suggested by mayfrayn]

Deadline is Tuesday, April 16, 8 PM GMT.

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7th-Apr-2013 09:18 am - Extension
I had major computer issues, so you can keep entering challenge 164 until this Tuesday, April 9, 8 pm GMT. I'll try to post challenge 163 results earlier than that. :)
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