magicians: i'm the storm coming

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Right now there is 1 theme that is clearly winning, and then there are 3 themes with the same number of entries. I don't want to keep either only 1 theme or all 4, so I need you to vote for your favorite one. :)

This poll is closed.

Which theme would you like to continue?

Cougar Town
Ellen Muth
Jensen Ackles

Challenge 168 is closed now. This poll will close and new challenge will be posted in about 12 hours.
magicians: i'm the storm coming

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There is a huge tie for the "winning" themes, but instead of posting a voting I'll just keep challenge 168 open until tonight, 8 pm GMT, which means 10 more hours. (It was originally due last Tuesday.) I'd love to see at least one more entry by then! :) If there aren't any new entries or if they don't break the tie, I will post a voting for the "winning" themes after the challenge closes.