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multi-fandom icontest with a twist :)
Welcome to you_choose_ic, a multi-fandom icontest with a twist. Each challenge features 5 themes (movie/tv/book fandoms, movie/tv/music/sport celebrities, stock pictures, new or older, very famous and less famous... everything!) and there are 5 pictures provided for each theme.

What's the twist?
You choose what happens in the next challenge, and you do that by entering the challenge, not by voting. Each week the 2 themes that get the most entries will be used again in the next challenge, with different pictures every time. The other 3 themes will be replaced by new themes I choose. (You can suggest new themes here.)

A theme can continue for many challenges, always with different pictures, as long as it keeps "winning" (getting the most entries).

It doesn't matter for a theme whether its icons win/place or not, it only matters how many entries there were.

I don't enter, so there's no bias. Before the voting is posted no participant knows how many icons for a theme have already been submitted.

You can enter up to 5 icons.

You can icon as many themes as you want (all icons with the same theme, one icon per theme, or anything in between).

You can only use the pictures provided.

You can reuse pictures if you want to, but don't submit alternate versions of the same icon, for example text/textless or color/black&white.

Text, textures, brushes and all other effects are allowed. Animation and blending (within the same theme!) are allowed too, as long as you use only the pictures provided.

All icons must be 100x100 px or less, and 40 KB or less.

No premade icons. All icons must be made for this challenge and can't posted anywhere else before the winners are announced.

Submit your icon(s) in a comment to the current challenge post. Comments are screened.

Don't vote for yourself (this is just silly) and don't ask anyone to vote for you (and this is cheating).

The list of affiliates (and the place where you apply to affiliate) is HERE.

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